DURiTE PRO3 Channel Letter LED Module 1.1W White (1 bag of 100 modules)

Viking Sign Supplies

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PRO3 1.1W
• High luminous efficacy guaranteed up to 100 lm/W
• Easy installation with extra size cover of 3M tape and screw hole
• Best LED solution for Channel Letter and Sign Box illumination
• Advanced performance with guaranteed even brightness
• Ensures excellent transmittance and uniform lighting
• 160 degree angle lens that spreads light evenly for no hot spots
• Specially designed durable cover that withstands harsh environment
and protects the LED
• IP68 Waterproof and approved by UL, CE, RoHS

• Long life time 50,000 hours
• 5-Year Warranty

Similar to the NC LED ECO3S LW2 LED Module, SAMSUNG 1.0W