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France Outdoor P5G-2E Smart Series Neon Transformers

France Outdoor P5G-2E Smart Series Neon Transformers

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  • Available in 15K, 12K and 9K VAC, 30mA output, 120VAC Input
  • Primary Wiring Requirements of a Standard Transformer - with the added safety of Secondary Ground Fault Protection.
  • Bypass Feature - For easy troubleshooting of ground faults and primary wiring problems. Overrides the SCGFP for up to 30 minutes.
  • Diagnostic Circuits - A red LED indicates the reason for for a fault, allowing for quick, easy troubleshooting.
  • User Friendly - Adapts to any grounding situation.
  • Secondary Circuit Ground Fault Protection - (SCGFP) Disables unit upon detection of arcs to ground in compliance with UL2161 and NEC requirements.

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